Checklist for your next vacation: Things a luxury hotel should be having

There are certain holiday destinations in india that are famous for their luxurious hotels like hotel in abu road. But what exactly grants them the title of being the best hotel with restaurant? Their accreditation does but it is surprisingly the case that some of these high end hotel and resort lack some of the most basic things that one requires. Practical things like bed side socket and reading lamps are often missing while the luxurious price is being slapped against the bills. So, here are few things that a luxury hotel should be having which you should be on look out for.

Bedside outlet

This is perhaps the most basic things that a hotel room should be having. The world runs of devices while these devices run on batteries. It is quite obviously the case that people need to chargetheir devices before they wake up, or use their device while they are on the bed. It becomes difficult for boarders to find outlets elsewhere and can be quite frustrating to even begin with. Such accommodaton in hotels is a necessity for boarders to feel the luxury because it doesn’t necessarily mean the exclusion of basic needs.


Storage can be an issue for many boarders since some of them aren’t light travellers. Some hotels unfortunately lack the space required to serve these boarders. It is not a feasible task to keep clothes and othertoiletries on the ground. And when you are in a luxurious hotel, it shouldn’t be an issue to begin with. So, be sure to check the space out before checking in.


Some hotels have a pay for the internet scheme which gives you access to their wifiwith a compensation per day. This shouldn’t be the case since internet access is the most basic of things one can ask for in a luxury hotel. There is no point in spending thousands of money and then shelling some more for internet access. Be sure to check in hotel where you will get complimentary services along with internet access.

Extra towels

Extra towels are fundamentally a necessity for people checking in hotel rooms. One extra towel can actually help a lot and this shouldn’t even be the things that most boarders should think of before booking a luxury hotel room. Be it for a night or for a week, make sure you find extra towel in your room. Or enquire about these small details before booking your room.


Some luxury hotels charge a hefty some of money for packaged drinking water. As cruel as it sounds, it’s a reality and a horror for many boarders. Water is unquestionably a things which hotels capitalize on. But you can avoid this ordeal by checking in a place where they provide free packaged drinking water.

All of the things mentioned here are lacking in many luxury hotels which seems uncanny at any holiday destination in india but is also a sad reality. For consumers on the other end, it’s high time that you seek out the amenities that you are paying for. You are in for the experience, not for its branding.

Make Your Stay In Mount Abu Memorable With The Best Hotels

Amidst the draught and the arid climate of Rajasthan, Mount Abu proudly stands as the only hill station. For those are looking to get away from the scorching and extreme heat of Rajasthan and enjoy the fresh air of a hill station, this place, which is located in the Aravallis, is a place which attracts thousands of tourists all year long. Places like the Dilwara Jain Temple, Nakki Lake, the sanctuary, Guru Shikhar peak or merely the sight of sunset at the Sunset Point will offer you some of the most enthralling and dazzling experiences. Of all the things, booking a stay at one of the best hotels Mount Abu Road will make your experience even more worthwhile.

Things That Make Your Stay In A Hotel A Pleasurable Experience

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before booking a hotel. These things determine the worth of a hotel. Some of these factors which you should have a look into before booking an affordable hotel in Abu Road are:

  1. Price comes first: This is the first and foremost prerequisite that needs to be looked into while booking a hotel. Every individual wants to spend his hard earned money wisely. They look for hotels like Hotel Raj, In Abu Road which offer the best facilities and do not charge an absurd amount for it.
  2. Package system: Climbing up and down the roads is a difficult task in the hilly regions. People generally opt for hotels which offer a good package that includes food and lodging facilities so that they don’t have to go out for food again.
  3. Accessibility: The hotels should be located in a calm, tranquil and serene area and yet should be easy to access through any mode of transportation. It should not be located in a far-off remote place.
  4. Nearness to the places of tourist interest: It is pointless to spend much time traveling. Therefore, it is wise to opt for hotels which are located close to the tourist spots.
  5. A room with a view: The hotel room that you will be booking for a stay should have a nice view. The rooms in Abu Road should offer a nice view of the beautiful blend of greenery and tranquility.

Hotels In Mount Abu

Being in a hill station with enthralling scenic beauty, the accommodation service Mount Abu are expected to provide the tourists rooms which will help them bask in the beauty of the place. Apart from that, many hotels take care of their customers in different ways and work hard to make their stay memorable.

  1. Some of the Mount Abu hotels have a garden of their own. The staff members make evening arrangements for different kinds of shows to entertain their guests.
  2. Some hotels have parking spaces of their own.
  3. Some of the mount Abu luxury hotels, whose fare is slightly on the higher side, have medical arrangements ready in case of emergency of any guest.

It is advisable to go through the reviews of those who have visited the hotels earlier to have a clear idea about their service. Conduct a thorough research and book your stay wisely to enjoy the best experience.

Best Holiday Destination: Abu Road, Rajasthan

So, winter is around the corner and we are sure that by now, you guys might have made plans for the Christmas festival and New Year’s Eve. Many of you would be looking for ideal beaches and deserts for their tourism. Looking for assistance with the same? Well, you are at the right place then! Rajasthan in India is one of those exotic places where you can have a cherished time with your beloved, friends and family. Forts to Lakes, Tradition to Dance and Special Rajasthani Cuisine to Palaces all make the Abu road in Rajasthan the most loved destination for holidays.

The place is well known for its hospitality as the hotels and restaurants in Abu Road make it feel at home to its tourists and ensure that every small detail is taken care of when on vacation. The place around Abu Road has many beautiful temples that make it an ultimate destination for spiritual people to catch a glimpse of associated local tales and tranquility. By now, you have made up your mind to definitely visit the place. Here below are the services provided by nearest hotels in Abu Road to make your trip easy and comforting.

Accomodation in Abu Road: Now whether you look for a 5 Star hotel or a cheap accommodation, there is a wide variety of hotels, cottages and villas to choose from. The hotels here have weekend deals, festive deals that make it more reasonable for a common man to come and enjoy his stay here.

Good Transportation Services: Abu road is well connected with the other places via motor road which would make it easy for you to avail the local transportation services at any time of the day and move freely.

Restaurants in Abu Road: You can choose from a wide variety of cuisine in Rajasthan as the restaurants in Abu road serve you from mouthwatering Continental, Italian, Thai, and Mexican to relishing Indian- Punjabi, South Indian, and Rajasthani food.

Places of interest near Abu Road: If you wish to find some of the must visit places in Abu Road then we would simplify it for you. Hotels here can assist you with a tourist guide who would take you around the place and make you stopover some of the most famous destinations like

  • Chandrawati
  • Jirawala
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Ambaji
  • Mount Abu
  • Mungathala
  • BrahamaKumaris World Spirituality University
  • ShriPavaPuriTirthDham
  • BrahamaKumaris World Spiritual Organization to name a few…


Now, for adventure lovers the place offers a huge range of sports activities if you visit the nearest hill to Abu road like trekking, camping, Bailey’s walk, sunset point, hiking and many more than you might have ever thought of. So, what are you waiting for give the hotels and restaurants here a chance to serve you with their unmatched hospitality and care. Book your hotels in Abu Road now and give your family a holiday surprise!